DCU News – Steel villains return in an instant: Will Henry Cavill’s Superman also appear?

When it comes to the blue brand of comic book movies, DC’s Batman is having a moment.Not only Matt Reeves Batman Box office hit, sequel coming, but not in 2023 flash Set to have two extra batsmanAs for DC’s other headline hero, Superman, he’s also making waves; but unlike Batman, it’s due to his absence rather than his prevalence.

The last big-screen Superman in the DCEU was Henry Cavill, who made his debut in 2013 man of Steel. However, even though he starred Zack Snyder’s Justice League In 2021, the actor’s coming months as “The Last Son of Krypton” have been in question.


While there’s been talk of a possible project centered around Calvin Ellis, a black Kryptonian from an alternate timeline, Warner Bros. has been mum about their plans — or lack thereof — for Cavill’s version of the character.

But now, a new trailer for Ezra Miller flash He has raised new questions about Henry Cavill’s return thanks to the resurrection of a rather infamous Iron Man villain.

Iron Man heralds Henry Cavill’s Superman return?

Zod, Flash

according to Scott Mendelsohn, flash The trailer revealed that CinemaCon 2022 will actually include a glimpse of Superman villain General Zod.


Mendelsohn’s tweet The content is as follows:

“The Flash teaser features Michael Keaton in full Batman costume and a brief glimpse of Supergirl and Zod.”

Zod was last seen on Zack Snyder’s man of Steel There, he was played by Michael Shannon and served as the main antagonist of Henry Cavill’s Superman. His death at the hands of the iconic hero sparked considerable fan controversy.

Because Shannon’s Zod is back flashlike Ben Affleck’s Batman, who appeared with Cavill in 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and both Justice League Movie, is it the same with Cavill’s Superman?


Superman Returns… Again?

Despite Henry Cavill’s willingness to continue his role as Superman, Iron Man has always seemed to be an afterthought for Warner Bros. Well, until recently, that was it.

After Warner Bros. and Discovery officially merge, CEO David Zaslav singled out Superman as a DC member “Top Role” who ever “stay haggard” and “It needs to be revitalized.”

Therefore, it is safe to say that new Superman projects will be developed soon. But whether that includes Cavill remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Warner Bros.’ existing DC film has yet to be released. And the presence of Affleck’s Batman, coupled with Zod, certainly represents the possibility of a return for Cavill’s Iron Man.


And, if so, it also raises the question of what their reunion will mean, and whether Zod’s controversial death will be revisited in some form or way.

However, an industry insider has previously seen a flash Doubt over Henry Cavill’s cameo online, claims Superman “It seems okay.”

However, there is still quite a long time from now flashNew 2023 release date changes; but given the merger and Ezra Miller’s recent legal troubles, it’s hard to say what the studio’s plans are for the film.


Also, since the film will introduce Sasha Kahler as Supergirl, the studio probably didn’t want her to share the screen with a pre-existing Kryptonian hero, thus canceling her debut.

Clearly, the future of Superman lies in flash and other problems still exist.However, if Cavill does appear in the film, this could be revealed sooner or later, especially if the studio intends to focus on flashThe cameo combination, not its problematic star.

flash It is scheduled to premiere in theaters on June 23, 2023.


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