DCU News – Sharon Stone reportedly quits DC superhero movie

blue beetle Will be part of the DC big screen in 2023. The upcoming project was originally planned to debut on HBO Max, but Warner Bros. decided to move i to theatrical release. Directed by Angel Manuel Soto, blue beetle Will show the debut of the DCEU Cobra Kay Starring Xolo MaridueƱa as Jaime Reyes, a young teenager who derives his powers from the sacred scarab.

While plot details are still being kept under wraps, it is widely expected to explore Reyes’ origin story as the titular hero. Production has yet to begin, but so far the film has assembled a star cast that includes the likes of George Lopez,Harvey Gillen, Bruna Marquezine and Belissa Escobedo.


Now, a new report suggests the film has found its main villain.

Susan Sarandon joins DC’s Blue Beetle

Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon

Package Share that Susan Sarandon has joined the cast blue beetle as Victoria Corder. The Oscar-winning actress will play the villain, a new character created for the film.

Sarandon is best known for her Bull Durham, Atlantic City, walking deadand Sister Helen.


Sharon Stone was reportedly in talks for the role of Victoria Corder, but the addition of Sarandon confirms that the actress is now out of talks.

Why Sharon Stone quit the DC role

Negotiations between actors and studios sometimes lead to slowdowns that eventually derail the deal. The same thing may have happened in Sharon Stone’s case.

While the real reason for Stone’s exit may not be revealed, there are many possibilities, such as creative differences from the script or financial deals for the film.


Nonetheless, Susan Sarandon’s upcoming involvement provides the actress with a new opportunity as she explores a brand new role created exclusively for the film. Sarandon’s role as Victoria Corder means she’s linked to the first blue beetle, Ted Corder, but the fact that she’s a villain may raise some eyebrows because it’s an unexpected turning point.

Victoria’s relationship with Ted is still unknown, but she’s likely playing the character’s wife rather than his mother or other relatives. It was previously rumored that Lady Styx would be the film’s main villain, which could mean Victoria could turn into a Darkseid-like villain to take on James Reyes.

blue beetle It will premiere in theaters on August 18, 2023.


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