DCU News – Riverdale actor to star in DC superhero movie ‘Fantastic Twins’

While Warner Bros. is working out the details of the merger with Discovery, the company’s cache of DC projects continues to expand in multiple areas. Much of this takes place outside the DCEU, with HBO Max confirming the development of projects centered on lesser-known characters who haven’t been in the limelight yet, including the long-standing Fantastic Twins.

Just a few months ago, it was reported that black adam Writer Adam Sztykiel will write and direct the Fantastic Twins’ first starring role after working with Dwayne Johnson. black adam. As DC tends to use young new heroes like Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, and related water park Projects are underway, and the dynamic duo seem to fit in perfectly with what’s going on.


as is the case with both batgirl and dead child detective Until then, there is no timetable magic twins Will premiere on HBO Max. The development of the film seems to be even further behind, as there has been no official announcement on who will actually star in the film – that is, until now.

DC discovers its magical twin

KJ Appa, Isabelle May
KJ Appa, Isabelle May

Package It’s been revealed that Warner Bros has hired KJ Apa and Isabel May to play titular heroes Zan and Jayna magic twinswill be released on HBO Max.

Apa is known for his role at Archie Andrews riverdaleand May’s biggest credit comes from the CBS series young shelton. magic twins feature black adam Writer Adam Sztykiel is writing and directing, and production will begin this summer.


Fantastic Twins, HBO Max

New Kids on DC/HBO Max Block

Both Apa and May have just started their acting careers, and both of their biggest credits come from the currently running riverdale (This is also a star peacemakerLochlyn Munro) and 1883. Now they’ll be collaborating on their first project, bringing the fan-favorite duo to life in DC magic twins.

As for the characters themselves, Zan and Jayna are a group of alien siblings with shapeshifting abilities, and when they say “Magic twin power, activate!” They’ve seen the least amount of screen time in other DC-based projects like Tom Welling Smallville and flash from the Arrowverse, but this will be their first chance to tell their own personal story.

at this moment, magic twins‘ Links to any other DC projects in the pipeline are a mystery, but whatever decisions are made in this regard, having the cast have the star power of Apa and May will help. Now, with Warner Bros. looking to start filming sometime this summer, fans are waiting to learn more about who will join the duo in front of and behind the camera.


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