DCU News – Nicolas Cage teases his future Superman cameo after cancelling DC movie

Fans are currently living through a golden age of on-screen superhero stories. With the historic success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the entire genre has become beloved by countless people around the world. Despite all the love for these comic book heroes, one of the biggest icons in years has been wiped out: Superman.Henry Cavill was the last actor to wear a cape on the big screen, but he hasn’t worn those boots in a while — not including Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The character’s future is more murky than ever.On the big screen, Clark shows no signs of returning – instead, Sasha Kahler’s Supergirl appears to take over the role at the end of the credits flash.


But, thanks to Multiverse shenanigans, the movie, also starring Ezra Miller, brings back Michael Keaton’s Batman, could Superman get a similar treatment? Past Superman actors Brandon Routh or Tom Welling might return and serve as the de facto Iron Man opposite Keaton; maybe even Nicolas Cage.

At some point, Cage will play the famous Kryptonian superman life, a late 1990s film by Tim Burton that never went into production. While nothing was filmed for the project, concept art has been leaking online for years. There’s even a photo of Cage screen testing his unique Superman suit.

With the multiverse all the rage lately, and its inherent nostalgic abilities, how likely are fans to see Superman?


Will Nicolas Cage wear a cape?

Nicolas Cage, Superman

in an interview GQactor Nicolas Cage commented on whether it’s possible that fans could one day see Superman he never appeared.

Going undercover on Reddit, the actor answers a question asking if he wants to cancel superman life Movies can be resurrected.Cage teases how “Maybe there is still a chance:”

“Does it matter how many times I appear as a character? There may still be a chance.”

The actor was originally going to play Iron Man in Tim Burton’s film. superman life 1998, but the project never took off.


The world needs a superman

Multiverse is the perfect tool for almost any occasion. While some might think its use could get out of hand in the years to come, if used properly, it can also make dream projects and teamwork a reality.

Many whispers suggest that in Barry Allen’s timeline shenanigans flash, he will visit various universes. It’s the perfect excuse for the Flash to meet Cage’s Superman.However, the specific wording “Does it matter how much time I appear as a character?” Seems like a clear tease for a shorter cameo rather than a bigger character – which seemed like the perfect opportunity.

and fan The theory that Sashakkale’s new Supergirl is actually the daughter of Cage’s invisible Superman; if true, the idea is insane.


With Nicolas Cage’s popularity and has become so popular, fans should expect him to appear at some point in the upcoming superhero project, whether in an old role or a brand new one.Maybe his ghost rider will make a cameo in the coming days Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Too.

crazy multiverse in theaters later this year on May 6, while flash Released on June 23, 2023.

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