DCU News – New Gotham Knights setup video spoils major looks in CW’s Batman spin-off

While the future of The CW’s DC-related projects may be in jeopardy, the TV network’s team continues to bring new stories to life, including the recently announced Gotham Knights show. As a spin-off series related to Batman’s legacy, Gotham Knights Unique characters linked to the Caped Crusader will be explored, even dealing with a world without Bruce Wayne.

Just a few weeks ago, Fallon Smythe and Tyler DiChiara became the first official cast members of the new series, playing Harper Row and her brother Cullen, respectively. Harper would be one of the descendants of six other classic Batman villains, all of whom were framed for killing Bruce Wayne.


Since this is classified as a Batman spinoff, Gotham Knights It probably won’t spend much time focusing on the playboy billionaire turned vigilante, even if his death is one of the key plot points. However, that idea may change thanks to a recently uncovered video showing an unexpected character in the series.

batman’s place in the gotham knight tv show

Warning: This article may contain spoilers Gotham Knights.

batman gotham knight

Cosmic Circus found a Tik Tok Video teasing Bruce Wayne’s role in upcoming movie Gotham Knights series.


The video, from the episode in Vancouver, Canada, shows a trailer for most of the cast and crew, including writer, director, and Tyler Di Chiara’s Cullen Street.Also saw a trailer with the label “Bruce Wayne,” The report also detailed that there was also an actor playing Bruce on set.

How big is Bruce Wayne’s character?

Fans already know that Bruce Wayne’s presence will be in Gotham Knights series, because his death was the reason the young people of the show came together in the first place. Batman’s funeral scene fits perfectly with that theory, but it seems likely that the man behind the hood might have a bigger role in other parts of the story.


Who will actually bring Bruce Wayne to life with the show’s Evil Descendants core cast is also a mystery, especially since the actor’s trailer is only marked as “Bruce Wayne” instead of including his Batman alias. Also, the character is likely small, as Bruce is likely killed early in the show’s first few episodes.

Regardless of the details, it should be exciting to see another version of the famous DC billionaire come back to life on The CW alongside a new type of antihero in this universe.

Gotham Knights Filming is currently underway, and the show’s release date has yet to be determined.


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