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In 2021, director Zack Snyder finally gets a chance to fulfill his vision with a DCEU co-production film on HBO Max. Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueThe oft-discussed Snyder Cut not only pits DC’s biggest team of heroes against Steppenwolf, but it also makes fun of the existence of one of DC’s most iconic supervillains, Darkseid.

Although Steppenwolf is the Justice League’s main antagonist in the four-hour run, Ray Potter’s Darkseid looms over the plot when the Snyder cut teases his reign of terror over the galaxy.His cruel and ruthless nature brings a darker tone to Snyder’s new role Justice Leaguealthough fans are still talking about some unanswered questions after the film’s HBO Max premiere.


The biggest of these discussions was what many fans considered a plot hole, as it was unclear how Darkseid had forgotten where the Anti-Life Equation was in his quest for universal domination. Now, in a recent interview on the subject, the man behind DC’s antagonist shares his own thoughts on why this information escaped Darkseid’s mind.

Darkseid actor of justice league plot hole

Justice League, Darkseid

and Fan Line, Zack Snyder’s Justice League Star Ray Potter talks about how Darkseid forgot where the anti-life equation was in the movie.

When asked how Darkseid could forget something so important, Potter saw the fact that the villain had conquered so many planets over the years. The actor made it clear that it’s been a long time since Darkseid first discovered the equation, and he’s been trying to get it back:


“Think of the fact that he turned a hundred thousand worlds to ashes, he discovered this equation a long time ago, and then it was taken from him in battle, and he always wanted to ‘rediscover’ it.”

Having played with the world for so many years, Porter noticed how many times Darkseid also changed in personality and character during that time. With the knowledge the villain possesses, Potter imagines that he just naturally lost it because of what a vast landscape he was dealing with:

We’re talking thousands of years, so many planets, universes, and possibly Earth. Uxus, who became Darkseid, has also changed a lot in that long time. So for someone with such a wide range of knowledge, perhaps knowledge is lost in the vastness of this earth. Then Steppenwolf, of all people, approached him about it. “

As for why Darkseid isn’t Steppenwolf’s biggest fan, Potter admits he isn’t “Understanding History” Behind their relationship:

“I don’t understand the history and intricate details of this ‘great tragedy’.”

Darkseid’s story in ZSJL remains a mystery

Up to four hours of runtime Zack Snyder’s Justice League, even a plot point as big as the search for an anti-life equation can get lost in the overarching story. Even so, it’s clear that Potter thought about his character’s backstory as fully as possible in Darkseid’s bewildering quest for universal conquest.


To put it simply, Darkseid is a being that has been around for so long that for thousands of years there is so much information in his mind that the anti-life equation’s place disappears.In a way, it’s almost similar to Marvel Studios’ Eternalsin which Angelina Jolie’s Sena suffers from Mahadwiri as her memory overwhelms her brain, although Darkseid has been more inclined to unleash violence.

It might have been a plot hole for viewers since the Snyder Cut debuted, but when his villain saw his first round of live-action storytelling, Potter found a way to make the plot make sense. Fans hope this isn’t the last time Darkseid has unleashed his full power in the DC Universe, especially since the character has had such a big impact on the outing.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Available on HBO Max.


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