DCU News – Harley Quinn Season 3 Producers Confirm Release Date Window

Once upon a time, the Joker was the most famous villain in Batman’s rogue gallery. While that may still be the case, Harley Quinn’s popularity seems to have grown in recent years to match, and sometimes surpass, the Prince of Crime Clown himself. A lot of that may be down to Margot Robbie’s take on the character.

Despite her debut project, Suicide Squad, less popular, Margot’s performance stands out.she continues to act Raptor with james gunn Suicide Squad Retrofits – no doubt there will be more to come in the coming years.


Parallel to her live-action performance, the character also landed in the hit HBO Max adult animated comedy of the same name. This time, the character is played by Kaley Cuoco, and the story follows Harley as she tries to make a living without her abusive ex J.

The show was a hit with fans and has completed two seasons. At this point, sadly, it’s been almost two years since any new episodes were released. So when can viewers expect to be able to sit back and watch more of Quinn’s animated antics?

When is Harley Quinn Season 3 coming out?

Harley Quinn

Producer and Executive Producer of HBO Max Animation Harley Quinnn series, patrick schumacher, take Twitter Teases when fans might see a show released for the world to watch.


Patrick Schumack said in his tweet “He wasn’t allowed to say” What’s the exact air date, but Schumacher did throw out not-so-subtle hints that it’ll drop “In a year that rhymes with ‘Schumer,’ confirm Harley Quinn Season 3 premieres on HBO Max in summer 2022:

“I know the release date, but I can’t reveal it. It’s the time of year it will rhyme with ‘Schumer’.

The more Harley Quinn the better

For those who love the world Harley Quinnthen the next few years will be quite pleasant.

While Kaley Cuoco’s show doesn’t seem to have an ending, what’s happening is an additional spin-off series that focuses on the supervillain bar purchased by the infamous Kite Man. The project will likely feature the same quirky, violent and raunchy humor as its flagship series – it will also feature big names like Lex Luthor and Bane.


Season 3 of the hit animated series already promises to take the madness up a few notches. How Warner Bros. recently demanded that the Batman blowjob scene be removed in the upcoming season – yes, that’s a real sentence.

As for the live-action version of the character, it could be a second before Margot Robbie’s return. While Warner Bros. no doubt has several projects revolving around her role in the production, the actress behind the character revealed that she needs to take a break from playing her psychotic alter-ego.

Harley Quinn It’s currently available on HBO Max, and a third season could be available on “schummer.”


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