DCU News – Gotham Knights set photos tease police episode of CW’s Batman spin-off

The CW is expanding its lineup of DC TV shows, adding Gotham Knights mix.The upcoming series has nothing to do with the Arrowverse, although the crew behind it is involved batwoman. Also, it has nothing to do with the upcoming video game of the same name. Still, expectations surrounding the show are high, considering it will be set in the city where Batman lives.

Plot details Gotham Knights Still shrouded in secrecy, it’s expected to revolve around Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, who has assembled a team of children of Batman’s enemies. The CW series has a stacked cast that includesFallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara, Oliva Rose Keegan, Navia Robinson and Oscar Morgan.


The series is currently in production, and live footage has circulated online, possibly teasing DC’s main characters. Now, Gotham Knights‘The director revealed more pictures from the set.

Gotham City Police Department is back

Gotham Knights Director Danny Cannon shared New photos from the CW series.

Cannon showed off a new look to the Gotham City Police Department logo in his Instagram post:


Gotham City Police Department

A closer look at the GCPD seal reveals an updated design for the city’s PD logo:

Gotham City Police Department, Gotham Knights

The DC director also unveiled a new GCPD police car for the show:

GCPD Cars, Gotham Knights

The other side of the GCPD seal was also revealed:


GCPD stamp

How GCPD Fits Gotham Knights

The latest design of the Gotham Police Department seal differs from its predecessor.in the recently cancelled batwoman, the text in the sign reads “Gotham City” instead of “Gotham City.”exist Batmanthe seal was changed from a circle to a shield, and the words “Gotham City Police Department” appeared in one breath.

Not sure how the Gotham Police Department will adapt Gotham KnightsHowever, based on previous stories, it’s a safe bet that they’ll be there to hunt down the protagonist’s villain, or maybe they’re investigating the presence of these new heroes in the city.


It remains to be seen whether Jim Gordon, one of Batman’s closest allies, will appear in the series. However, given that Bruce Wayne was murdered in this timeline, the fact that the GCPD was involved might suggest that Gotham City’s famous police chief would make his presence felt.

The GCPD generally doesn’t like vigilantes protecting the city, which means they’ll likely fight Gotham Knights in the early parts of the show. Still, it is possible that several GCPD officials understand the true purpose of the newly formed team.

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