DCU News – Goodbye Arrowverse?The CW reportedly cancels multiple DC shows

The Arrowverse has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but the DC TV series seems to be on the verge of experiencing its biggest challenge as the CW isDistributed by WarnerMedia and Paramount.This development means things are complicated for some Arrowverse shows that haven’t been updated yet, namely batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow.

The current state of uncertainty for the CW shows has led the authors of their respective shows to launch an ebullient social media campaign to get the network’s attention on their renewals. batwoman‘s writers’ room previously spearheaded Twitter campaign for possible season 4 renewal, followed by legend team.


While fans await the official update announcement, a new report may shed some light on the subject.

Goodbye Arrowverse?

Arrow universe hero

deadline Shared new updates on Arrowverse shows, which are currently on “bubble” Renew for next season.

although Legends of Tomorrow, batwoman naomiand Gotham Knights Considering the renewal of the contract next season, the outlet revealed that only half of the four projects will be able to play, indicating that the other two projects will not be renewed.


Deadline speculation batwoman and Gotham Knights Set in the same universe, which means one of them can be picked for the 2022-2023 season.As for legendthe outlet states that it will be a “Tough decisions” Facts citing the show “aged” And went through several cast transitions throughout the run.

Arrowverse Uncertain Future

Although four Arrowverse shows are considering updates, this development is definitely bad news for them.Based on the current lineup and Deadline reports, there is a chance batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow It may eventually be cancelled.

in view of Naomi Being a relatively new show, it’s possible that the project could receive at least another season to wrap up. DC facts Gotham Knights Just receiving a pilot order may indicate that the show is not suitable for cancellation.


As for batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, given the network’s long history of showing proper goodbyes to Arrowverse projects, the CW may announce shorter run times for those shows.Stephen Amell arrow with Melissa Benoist supergirl Both received the same treatment, so it’s reasonable to assume that the pair of DC shows will experience a similar sendoff.

However, the thorny circumstances surrounding online sales could prevent such a send-off, making it bad news for die-hard fans. batwoman and legend.

At this point, given the not yet set in stone, a belated push batwoman and legend‘Updates can still happen.If not, then other shows like flash and superman and louise Each show can be provided with at least one crossover episode to end the respective storyline.


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