DCU News – Ezra Miller’s DC future in jeopardy after legal issues

Despite a rough few years, for the first time in a long time it feels like the future of DC movies is bright. Batman Popular, the DCEU is expanding streaming content, and a so-called reset of the cinematic world is coming flash. However, it seems that the star of that movie is putting all this in jeopardy.

Actor Ezra Miller recently made headlines after being arrested in Hawaii for harassment. This, combined with reports in 2020 of Miller choking a woman in a bar, has fans thinking twice about Warner Bros. Rumored plans to put the fate of the DCEU on the actor’s back.


flash Ready to usher in a new era (albeit only delayed) for DC movies, and Miller is at the forefront. However, their recent attraction to controversy may have made WB think twice about their decision.

More bad news for Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller, The Flash

Eastern Canada A Hawaiian couple has reportedly been granted a temporary restraining order flash Actor Ezra Miller reportedly threatened to burn the two to death.

This came shortly after Miller was arrested for harassing the couple, and a restraining order was filed shortly after.


A court hearing evaluating the couple’s temporary restraining order against Miller is scheduled for April 13.

The incident could seriously threaten the actor’s career, especially Warner Bros., as the studio has previously taken tough action against stars who exhibit such behavior.

The End of Ezra’s Way

Could this be Ezra Miller and their time at Warner Bros.? This is the million dollar question. As mentioned above, WB has a history of cutting ties with talent caught up in controversy, so why stop them from doing it again?


In the worlds of DC and Harry Potter, the studio has had to distance itself from some pretty big names following reports of illegal activity.

The studio first dealt with the issue with Johnny Depp. Fantastic Beasts Franchise.WB removed the actor from abusing his ex-wife Amber Heard after he was accused of abusing his ex-wife Amber Heard Fantastic Beasts 3. Sever the relationship completely.

Then, after learning that she, too, had been abusing Depp, Heard got into a public spat of her own. Warners haven’t acquired Hurd so far, but they have distanced themselves from the actress.


As for Miller, anything can happen.Not only does the actor mean a lot to Warners on the DC side, but he also has a great relationship with their Fantastic Beasts Franchise. If they let him start, it would lead to a huge shift in the company’s strategy going forward.

Yes, this look at the wizarding world seems to be done Dumbledore’s crimebut it’s not hard to see that the studio is setting up Miller as a future star of the DCEU.

If they were to cut ties with the cast, it would mean yet another complete reset of their DC plans. For a completely different reason, the studio seems to be in the middle, just adding more issues to deal with.


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