DCU News – Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam showcases Cyclone’s DCEU outfit at its best

black adam Not only will a new DCEU antihero be introduced in the form of Dwayne Johnson’s Teth-Adam, but it will also feature the debut of the Justice Society of America. The upcoming film is expected to explore the titular antihero’s origin story, while also following his adventures with the aforementioned superteam. Exact plot details are still being kept under wraps, but the film’s marketing seems to imply that the JSA will play a major role.

One of the confirmed members of the JSA is Cyclone aka Maxine Hunkel, granddaughter of the former Red Tornado. Cyclone’s abilities include manipulating the wind, giving her the ability to fly and project powerful bursts of air.exist black adamplayed by Quintessa Swindell, who is known for her role in Trinkets and Euphoria.


Now, ahead of the film’s release later this year, DC has a whole new look at the JSA hero.

Revisiting the whirlwind of Black Adam

a new prequel comic black adampass comic beatofficially debuted, focusing on Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone.

The comic cover features the best looks of the members of the Justice Society of America, showing the characters’ live-action costumes in animated form:



Back in February, DC’s 2022 trailer showed off Cyclone for the first time:

Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone

In addition to the reveal, the manga’s official synopsis was also revealed, confirming that Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman will also appear in the prequel story:

“When she was young, Maxine Hunkel dreamed of flying with the Justice Society. Now she finally has power and opportunity…but will she say yes? Cameo on Hawkman’s way to Black Adam!

Plus, continuing Teth-Adam’s backup story: Adriana Tomaz is in trouble when gang mercenaries invade her university’s hallowed halls, and they’re in search of her sacred totem of “liberation” — but the idol is made by What strange metal is it made of, and why does Intergang need it so much? “

Cyclone takes center stage

Cyclone’s costumes in the comics are more in the traditional sense, but the live-action iteration of the costumes seems to lean more towards the modern front. Still, the greens and purples are there, so respect for the manga design.


The prequel comic’s synopsis also seems to tease that there will be two versions of the Justice Society, the other possibly in the past. This could hint at a cameo from Team DC’s Golden Age heroes, possibly including Cyclone’s grandmother Maxine Hunkel aka Red Tornado. This also fits with another rumor that the original Atom will be in the movie.

In the comics, Cyclone has a lively personality and smart demeanor. These traits are likely to carry over in the live-action version, meaning Quintessa Swindell will have a lighthearted character in the film’s thrilling tone.

Although Cyclone’s power shots have yet to be revealed, expect the JSA hero to go head-to-head with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. Given that both Cyclone and Black Adam can fly, there could be a high-stakes aerial battle in the movie.


black adam It is set to premiere in theaters on October 21.

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