DCU News – Dwayne Johnson responds to criticism of Black Adam murder

The future of the DCEU may be in a state of flux, with its stars mired in controversy and Warner Bros. Discovery changing course. But there are still some projects that need to be done before any of these changes take effect. One of the longest-breeding works is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s black adam It finally opens on October 21st.

Johnson has been on the project for over a decade, and it finally looks like the world will see what he has as one of DC’s most iconic antiheroes.little is known black adam For now, but fans have gotten a brief look at the action this super epic has to offer.


And this has been the focus of attention black adamPre-promotions so far. Johnson has been vocal about his DC character’s willingness to cross the line that many of his costumed characters are unwilling to cross, and rumors of Black Adam’s elimination of Superman have circulated online.

Now, as the media has seen peeping black adam Trailer for CinemaCon, Murder comes to mind again.In the trailer, Johnson’s hero reportedly responds to a “Heroes don’t kill…” with a loud “Well, I would.” After some apprehension about the bloody bragging, the man himself responded to the statement.

drop the black adam bomb

Superman, Dwayne Johnson

black adam Star Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Johnson, respond Worried his hero bragged about murder in trailer for CinemaCon movie premiere.


A fan criticized black adam dialogue “Heroes Don’t Kill” say that “Meaningless” Consider that even Justice League-level heroes like Batman, Aquaman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have killed people.

Johnson responded that after watching the film, fans will “Know the context” That line, it all will “Makes sense:”

After watching “Black Adam”, you will understand the background of this sentence. It makes sense.
The myth of Tess/Black Adam.
Ruthless and zero attention.

Ruthless zero attention

early response black adam The trailer describes the film as “Dark, Dangerous and Badass” So all this murderer talk might actually make sense. Not only did Johnson shine on screen, but he was promoting the film.


Not only has the star tweeted multiple times to show off how he’s changing the DCEU hierarchy, but now he seems to be responding directly to fans who may have questions about his hero crossing this sacred line.

He does have a bit of fun here.Moviegoers haven’t even seen the trailer, let alone the entire movie, so this background “I do” Lines may be lost entirely. Perhaps in what should be a very intense movie, it makes perfect sense, and could be one of the most cheery moments in a DC epic.

Although it can be a little disturbing to see a fan in a theater yelling murder.


Viewers won’t have to wait too long for gory details Black Adam, With the movie hitting theaters on October 21st.

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