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The current DC Comics live-action version is very different from Marvel. Its interconnected side is nowhere near as strong as the MCU side, and instead, the result is some completely different adaptations across mediums. However, this is by no means a bad thing, just different.In addition to being wildly popular, one of the most popular shows in the hands of Warner Bros. peacemakerYes titan.

Heading into its fourth season, the show has a more mature and gritty take on the classic superhero group — a group many may know from the cult classic animated series of the day. The series begins with the band disbanding until Raven and Dick Grayson pull them together.


The list of heroes that appear throughout the series is long. Beast Boy, Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Superboy and Barbara are all on the growing list. But for next season, it’s the villains that get people talking. Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and Jinx have all been announced and cast for next season’s hit show — but there’s one more rumored name to make the head spin: Lex Luthor.

Recent rumors suggest that big names like Bruce Campbell and Gary Elwes are considering the role. Now, however, the show’s main cast has cast doubt on these possible cast members.

Superboy cast doubt on Luthor actor

Lex Luthor DC Titans Show

Recent rumors from industry insider DanielRPK suggest that the actors are considering working with Lex Luthor. titanThe upcoming fourth season includes Bruce Campbell, Gary Elwes, Garrett Dillahunt and Toby Huss.


However, Joshua OlpinThe man who played Superboy on the DC Comics show took to Instagram to cast doubt on the rumors.

His story on the social media platform featured an image of an article covering news on Luthor, below which the actor wrote: “This one will age like milk.”

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It’s unclear if his comments refer to Lex Luthor’s appearance on the show or just a potential actor who is considering the role.


Will there be Lex Luthor?

The storyline seems natural titan Season four includes some sort of look to the classic Superman villain. After all, Lex Luthor is as tied to his origins as Clark Kent’s Kryptonian.

Since the series has just started filming its fourth season, fans will have to wait a while to find out. But, no doubt, there will be more rumors before then — especially with such a big name.

Luthor’s last adaptation was Jon Cryer supergirl. Views on the character are divisive, like the entire show, but the actor definitely gave him his own spin. The same goes for Jesse Eisenberg’s youthful take on the supervillain.hope, anyway titan For its fans, it will be something that has not been seen on screen before.


titan‘ The first three seasons are streaming on HBO Max.

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