DCU News – DC reportedly plans major changes to make it more like Marvel Studios

Warner Bros. seems to be finally starting to show signs that its DC properties are on the right track. The studio’s hyper-adventures on the big and small screens have been the butt of many jokes in recent years. However, the winds of change are blowing.Recent DC adaptations Batman, Suicide Squad, and peacemaker All got positive emotions, so things might get better.

If this trend of success continues, fans of the DCEU may finally have something exciting to do. Viewers are seen as a lackluster output under the care of filmmakers like David Ayr and Zack Snyder, and Warner Bros. is working to change that output.


In the past, Warner Bros. has tried to emulate Marvel Studios as best it can, creating a world where heroes share, leading to teamwork projects. But the studio didn’t take the time to build that world, and a common complaint was that the DCEU felt rushed and uncohesive.

Well, as WB distances itself from those practices of the past, they appear to be taking another lesson from their competitors’ playbook. This time, though, it might actually help them.

Warner Bros. takes notes from Marvel Studios

DC, Marvel Studios
DC and Marvel

type Warner Bros. is reportedly making a massive overhaul of its DC entertainment vertical to more closely mimic what rival Marvel Studios is doing.


David Zaslav, CEO of the newly merged Warner Discovery Company, and top leaders are exploring combining their DC TV and film efforts into one, sources said. “Solid Content Vertical”.

Rather than aggregating DC TV projects into Warner Bros. Television and their film work into the Warner Bros. Pictures Group, they lump all of DC’s content into one bucket, similar to what Marvel Studios is doing at Disney .The act of unifying these separate elements under one name is called effort “Maximize value [DC] Superhero Stable” To better compete with Marvel.

With the merger of their different brands, the studio also appears to be looking for a figurehead to run this new division of the company. The studio is said to have spoken to Emma Watts, a former executive at 20th Century Studios and Paramount, but those talks were fruitless.


Industry insiders believe that despite the recent success of DC movies, the brand lacks “Coherent creative and brand strategy” So this is a direct effort to mitigate the problem.

I wanna feel like Phil

For DC fans, news like this will give the brand a little respite from nearly a decade in the making. Although there have been orgasms, Warner Bros. The superhero effort felt a little disjointed, and it didn’t work out to build a cohesive story between its projects.

That doesn’t mean they have to make a one-on-one game for the MCU, but it shows that they at least want to try again the whole intertwined approach to storytelling. They don’t say it outright, but it’s easy to see what Zaslav and WB Brass is aiming for.


The key here will be the puppet they are currently looking for. The reason the MCU machine works so well is that it has people like Kevin Feige at the helm.

This kind of hiring can make or break the effort before it actually begins. It feels like they might be looking for someone with serious business acumen, but they definitely need someone who thrives on the creative side as well. The best thing about Feige is that he has a business acumen and is also a creative powerhouse.

Maybe Warner should consider a two-pronged Jobs/Wozniak approach. Get someone like Watts to help with the business, and then maybe elevate someone like comics guru Paul Dini or Jay Olivia, the man behind the DC Animated Universe. If the two work well together, that might prove to be the right direction for DC.


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