DCU News – DC Leak Reveals How Ben Affleck’s Batman Returns After The Flash

and Batman Just released in theaters, the famous Caped Crusader is on everyone’s mind. While Robert Pattinson may be the Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ adventures, there’s another actor known for the role who never quite left the minds of audiences around the world: Ben Affleck.first appeared in Batman v SupermanRecently appeared in Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueAffleck quickly became many fans’ favorite rendition of Gotham Guardians.

Sadly, however, his time seems to have come to an end. Time and time again, the actor has spoken about not having the best time in the role, and he made it clear that he wanted to leave the role as gracefully as possible.


His last appearance, at least so far, will be in the upcoming flash Movie. However, thanks to some new rumors, it seems that Affleck may not have fully finished the fairing.

Not so fast, Ben Affleck

The Flash, Ben Affleck, Batman

There have been recent rumors that Crisis on Infinite EarthsThe DCEU-type event film — think of it as a multiverse crossover event — will hit theaters late next year flash. What’s more interesting is how the event works on the screen.

when asked directly how crisis To be teased, industry insider KC Walsh won’t spoil all the details, but he does reveal that tease question “Involving [Ben Affleck’s] Batman. “


He went on to clarify that the Flash movie itself does not restore the Snyder universe, nor does it put that continuity in the spotlight. Instead, it just “sets the crisis” by including a tease showing off Ben Affleck’s Batman. This means that he, and possibly others in his timeline, have not been completely erased from existence.

he mention How about a reference to the Synderverse “unclear,” Aside from some vague dialogue, the previous timeline is no longer the point:

“[The Synderverse] Sounds like a quote but it’s not clear, IE Iris remembers Barry and Batman and Barry discussing his time travel before, no direct quote, no Knightmare universe, nothing specific beyond those discussions. “

In closing his theme, KC Walsh Explaining Clearly “Batfleck still knows a lot about the DCEU:”

“Batfleck’s work on the DCEU is still very good, but he leaves the door open for him to crisis The event makes sense if he wants to, but I’d choose L”

This may not be the end of Batman

It’s no surprise to hear that Ben Affleck’s door is still open. While the actor may not want to continue playing Batman, it may be more acceptable to appear once or twice for a particular role in the future.


The real question is – whose idea was to keep Batfleck’s door open? Has Affleck himself changed his mind (at least to a minimal extent), or is Warner Bros. begging him not to close the door entirely?

Either way, a lot of fans will be happy to know that the possibility of that version of Batman returning may still be there.

But what will that trailer actually include? Well, Synderverse Bruce Wayne is always on top of everything. Maybe he noticed something weird going on in the multiverse, timeline, or something like that. He could also have some new crazy visions, like he did for Knightmare’s future.


No matter how everything develops, if Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go There’s any indication that virtually anything can happen when playing around with the multiverse.

flash In theaters June 23, 2023.

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