DCU News – CW’s Batman spin-off casts supernatural actor as two faces

While the Arrowverse has been a staple of The CW over the years, the network will be looking to add another DC project to its programming lineup that will be completely separate from Grant Gustin’s world flash with Tyler Hechlin superman and louise. The above items are Gotham Knightsthe series revolves around Bruce Wayne’s adopted son and his partnership with the other children of the Batman villain to protect Gotham City.

Gotham Knights will be produced by the executive batwomanofNatalie Abrams and James Stoteraux, the show has been given the green light for a pilot order. So far, the CW series has tapped a plethora of protagonists like Fallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara and Olivia Rose-Keegan.


Now, another veteran actor has been confirmed to join the CW series’ growing cast.

Gotham Knights Names Misha Collins as Harvey Dent

Mischa Collins, via TV cableconfirmed in a new Twitter post that he has officially joined the CW’s Gotham Knights The pilot as Harvey Dent aka two sides.

In his announcement, the actor referenced his usual ensemble supernatural Next to the character is a photo of Christopher Nolan’s Aaron Eckhart version of Harvey Dent dark Knight:


“I’ve asked my version of the character if it’s okay to wear a beige trench coat over a grey suit. (I’m just not sure I’d be comfortable on camera without it.) #newTVgig #GothamKnights”

Apart from supernaturalCollins is also twenty four (2002) and girl, interrupted (1999).

two faces vs gotham knight

Harvey Dent Confirms to Join The CW Gotham Knights The pilot offers endless possibilities for the show’s narrative.

Given that the show will focus on Bruce Wayne’s death, it’s reasonable to assume that Dent may be the one who framed the children of Batman’s enemies for Bruce’s murder. If that’s the case, then Two Faces has the potential to be the main villain of the show’s first season.


Harvey Dent, one of Batman’s closest allies, ended up being Two-Face. As such, the villain is one of the Dark Knight’s personal enemies, so it’s likely that he has something to do with Bruce’s death.

exist Detective Comics #1021confirms that Dent knows that Bruce is Batman. Gotham Knights This comic tidbit could be used as a reference for its plot, leading to Dent’s main role in the series.

Dent’s involvement in the series also opens up a potential showdown between him and the upcoming young hero. The dangerous nature of the villain causes trouble for the rest of the team, and the pilot can show off an early encounter that could set the tone for the first season.


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