DCU News – Ben Affleck’s Batman: Official Art Show Showcases Deathstroke in Cancelled Movie (Photos)

Although Batman is currently all the rage among DC fans thanks to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson, there are still some thoughts on what might happen to the character in modern times. Specifically, DCEU star Ben Affleck was initially set to lead his own solo film after working with other DC icons like Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

While teasers of the universe were set in Affleck’s other films, the action star’s solo Batman movie, which he would have directed and starred in, was ultimately canceled.The outing features Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke as the main villain, set in Justice Leaguealthough this plotline never appears.


Manganiello has often spoken about his willingness to fully play the role, and has shared public support for the abandoned film as well as the Snyderverse in the past. Now, Deathstroke is back in the limelight with a newly released image as fans learn more about what Affleck’s Batman movie will look like.

Death Knell in Batman Original Cinematic Art

Deathstroke, Ben Affleck

Concept artist Keith Christensen Instagram Featuring Joe Manganiello’s death knell canceled by Ben Affleck Batman Movie.

This art gives Deathstroke his classic orange and silver mask and upgrades the design, as the villain wears an armored tactical suit equipped with weapons and ammo. He held a pistol in each hand and two swords on his back.


Christensen added the caption below to the image and sneakily added the hashtag #joemanganiello.

“The death knell I designed for the Ben Affleck version of Batman.”

death knell concept art
kachristensen_art on Instagram

Slade Wilson resurrects Batman

Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke initially played a key role in the DCEU’s future, especially when Ben Affleck’s Batman played a major role in the initially planned roster. He’s so important that he’ll find himself with upgraded tech and a new suit that makes his first real time in the franchise even stronger.


While the reasoning behind the upgrade is unclear, fans may see Deathstroke evolve into a villain, as he actually left his mark as a DCEU character. The suit even looks similar to the recently released tactical Batman suit in other concept art, possibly teasing a round in between.

Regardless of the details, this new tactical kit will give Deathstroke an exciting set in the fight against Affleck’s Batman. Whether he will join the story in the future remains a mystery, but if he does, his villain has a solid foundation.

Matt Reeves Batman Currently showing in theaters.Affleck will return as Batman flashpremiering on June 23, 2023.


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