DCU News – Batgirl Movie Star Debunks Dick Grayson Casting Rumors

With all the big theatrical movies under the Warner Bros banner coming out for their DC Comics nature, it’s easy to forget a few smaller movies in the pipeline.One of them is batgirl. Barbara Gordon, played by Leslie Grace, will finally make her debut in the DCEU, marking the first member of the Bat family to join the universe in quite some time — albeit in dirty clothes Goofy Robin suit.

Given that Barbara is just one member of the Bat family, will fans still see this tight-knit team emerge? Many whispers point to Dick Grayson’s first appearance, but so far it’s all just rumors.


In a new interview with Grace, the actress not only talked about her role, but also removed at least one potential actor that fans thought could play the former Robin in the upcoming movie.

Who is Jacob Scipio playing in Batgirl?

Jacob Scipio, Batgirl

in an interview E!online, batgirl Star Leslie Grace talks about her lead role and what it’s like to play the role, while also debunking a popular Robin-related rumor.

Grace confirms bad boy for life Star Jacob Scipio will play Anthony Bracey, debunking rumors that the 29-year-old actor will play Dick Grayson. Anthony Bressi, Gotham City’s mob boss, joins Brendan Fraser’s Firefly as the second confirmed villain.


Grace opens up about what it’s like to play Barbara Gordon’s role as a Latino superhero “To have such a wonderful opportunity and a great responsibility:”

“It’s the kind of thing that we haven’t seen a lot of Latino superheroes or Latino actors in the superhero world,” shared Afro-Latino Grace…so it’s such a wonderful opportunity to be granted and heavy responsibility……”

She goes on to talk about Babs (Barbara Gordon) and her alter ego “heart [the] Movie,” and start exploring the character shows “The Nuances of Life:”

“One of my favorite things about our script and the heart of the movie is that you can see Babs and the alter ego she summons, Batgirl, oscillating between the nuances of life and the good and the bad. White, And in between.”

The actress confirmed that the film is “An investigative story,” one “driver [Barbara into these crazy situations:”


“At the end of the day, in Gotham, so there’s always a case, right? It’s kind of like an investigative story, it’s a detective story, so she does have a case that drives her into these crazy situations.”

Finally, Grace made it clear that audiences will “get to see her grow… and mature” as the story progresses:

“There’s not a lot of nuance in her thinking at the beginning of the story, and she gets herself into a lot of these sticky situations and has to discover a lot about parts of herself in order to get herself out of them… so you’ll get to see her grow from that kind of perspective of the world and I really, really love that. It’s like all your favorite superheroes, you get to see their origin story. You get to see them mature.”

No Dick Grayson for Batgirl?

Now, just because Jacob Scipio has been revealed to not be playing Dick Grayson, that doesn’t mean the character isn’t in the movie at all. There are plenty of other actors fans hope to see as Batman’s iconic ally, an example being Dylan O’Brian.

Seeing as Barbara and Dick have a significant relationship in the comics, it would be hard to think the story wouldn’t reference him at all. Even if he doesn’t play a big role in the key conflict of the movie, there are bound to be at least a few references to him. At the very least, there’s supposedly a Nightwing movie in development, so hopefully, that’s still the case.


For those wondering who Jacob Scipio’s Anthony Bressi is, there really isn’t much there in the comics. He was simply an underground crime lord who came up every now and again. His last appearance in the comics was in Batgirl Year One Issue 7, which was released in 2003.

Originally, Batgirl was aiming to hit HBO Max around Christmas this year. However, with the heavy delays of Warner Bros. DC slate, there’s a high probability that it has shifted into next year—likely after The Flash in the summer.

Whenever the film does arrive, hopefully, the wait will have been worth it.



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