DCU News – Aquaman 2 reveals major plot details

Aquaman has been one of the most overlooked superheroes for decades, as many struggle to take the character’s essence seriously.Until Jason Mamoa reinvented the hero for the DCEU, he Justice League before going on to play James Wan Neptunewhich is now among the ten highest-grossing comic book movies of all time.

Aquaman’s solo debut pits him against the power-hungry king of Atlantis, the king of Atlantis, and his power-hungry brother Orm. The DC movies set Aquaman on a quest for the ancient Atlantic trident that would allow him to claim a place on the throne of Atlantis and save the surface world from his brother’s wrath.


Hire Black Manta – played by Yahya Abdul-Martin II – allies with Orm as he seeks revenge on Aquaman for refusing to save his father. Wearing a powerful suit made from experimental Atlantean technology, the mercenary is defeated by Mamoa’s heroes before being rescued by an Atlantis-obsessed scientist.

With Aquaman now sitting on the throne of Atlantis and Black Manta on a path of revenge, expectations are high for a 2023 sequel – but it revolves around the return of Amber Heard’s love interest Meera Controversy remains.

Aquaman 2 footage reveals plot details for sequel

Aquaman 2

Director James Wan presents a new feature film at Warner Bros. Film Festival presentation Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It debuted the main plot of the 2023 DC sequel.


Eric Davis of Fandango disclose Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom The show will see Jason Mamoa’s hero forced to team up with his brother King Orm to defeat the Black Manta – which has grown even more powerful since the first film and danger.

steven weintraub of collider It was also noted that the sequel looks much bigger than the original due to the new characters and locations. He also pointed out how Black Manta will have a new ship in the movie and may have been taken over by some kind of dark energy, which could explain his increased power.

Mamoa shares his belief that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Set to be the biggest movie of its release year, and only time will tell if that’s the case, the DC blockbuster hits theaters on March 17, 2023.


Aquaman 2 is bigger than ever

and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Post now before preorder flashcontrary to what it originally appeared, whether the Jason Mamoa sequel took place on a post-Flashpoint DCEU timeline remains unclear.

But if one thing is for sure, James Wan seems bigger and better than ever. Neptune sequel. Mamoa’s Arthur Curry developed an interesting relationship with his half-brother Orm in the first film, a dynamic that shares some similarities with Thor and Loki.

lost kingdom It should be an interesting ride, since this time Aquaman and Orm have been enemies in the first movie. Black Manta is also the most famous antagonist of Heroes of Atlantis, which means fans will be delighted to see him step into the spotlight with any upgrades he might have.


Like the footage released during CinemaCon, the newly released footage will continue to be available exclusively to those in attendance and will not be released online. Unfortunately, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It won’t be released until March 17, 2023, which means fans will likely have to wait until DC FanDome releases its first public trailer later this year.

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