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Marvel News – Anthony Mackie shares promising Black Panther 2 update

Fans haven’t seen the world of Wakanda since 2018 Avengers: Infinity War (excluding its little cameo The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) when Thanos completely destroyed not only T’Challa’s country, but the Avengers themselves.Four years later, audiences are eager to return to the majestic, beautiful city created by Ryan Coogler Black PantherThankfully, the film’s sequel […]

Marvel News – Moon Knight Theory Explains Kong Shuo’s Key Role in Future Episodes

Marvel Studios’ first episode moon knight It has always been warmly received by fans, especially praise for Oscar Isaac’s performance as the timid and compassionate Steven Grant. But as fans quickly developed an attachment to the docile gift shop employee, seeing Kong-sook repeatedly belittle the bewildered man made them worse. Khonshu, voiced by Oscar-winning actor […]

Marvel News – Marvel Studios boss speaks out against Disney CEO’s LGBTQ response

The MCU has recently made strides in improving its representation, with Eternals Showcasing the first LGBTQIA+ relationship in the universe.This representation appears to only follow Thor: Love and Thunderthe Valkyrie and Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverOkoye will reportedly enter LGBTQIA+ relationships in the near future. As a result of this happening in the MCU, Florida recently […]

Marvel News – Mobius director teases Norman Osborn’s crossover hopes

Sony Pictures has long struggled to create its own connected world.first with venomThen Venom: There’s Carnage; This weekend, a new antihero joined the family: MobiusJared Leto perfectly embodies the protagonist, bringing an intense, moving and visually entertaining comic book epic to life. Audiences will no doubt love The Living Vampire soon—don’t be surprised if Michael […]

Marvel News – Disney+ removes Stan Lee tribute from Marvel Netflix show

Netflix recently shocked the world by announcing that the service would lose streaming rights to its original Netflix series.this means Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron first, Defendersand Punisher will leave their homes. Better yet, they’re scheduled to join other Marvel live-action libraries on Disney+. When the move came out, many feared censorship; after all, […]

Marvel News – Mobius Director Reveals Details Of Michael Keaton’s Vulture Deleted Scene

After many delays, Mobius, Sony’s latest addition to the Spider-Man universe, is finally out. Whether fans want it is another question.While audiences had issues with the film’s plot and quality, much of the protest stemmed from the film’s misleading publicity campaign and its use of Michael Keaton’s vultures Spider-Man: Homecoming. The following venom and Venom: […]