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Chainsaw Man chapter 165 was released on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus and Viz Media’s official websites. The chapter, titled “Everyday Scenery,” begins with Asa and others boarding a train to treat Denji to sushi.

While others discuss the best place to try sushi, Denji is seen hopelessly sitting in his seat. Suddenly, he asks Asa to remind him why she wants to fight him. Asa tells him that if she fights him and wins, his life will be saved. Denji goes on to inquire if Asa is being brainwashed by the “weird cult,” which flusters Asa. She turns to Fami to explain the situation to Denji.

Obliging to Asa’s request, Fami explains that Denji’s heart’s power makes him Chainsaw Man. His contract requires him to live a normal life, and if he breaks the contract, the real Chainsaw Man will emerge. Furthermore, Fami tells Denji that defeating the real Chainsaw Man and replacing Denji’s heart with a human heart will help him become a normal human again, ultimately leading him to live a normal life.

Once Fami stops explaining, Denji asks why she knows about it. Although Fami remains quiet, Denji calls her “shady” while questioning Asa’s belief in her. Asa responds that Fami had helped her rescue Denji, which proves that her heart is in the right place despite what she has done.

What happened in Chainsaw Man chapter 165?

Later on, Denji asks Asa what she means by normal life. The latter replies that a normal life refers to his old life, where he could go to school and have Nayuta back at their home. Asa further encourages Denji by telling him that the police might be keeping Nayuta safe. Moreover, she might not have the means to contact him, which is why her whereabouts are unknown.

Denji uses cryptic language to explain to Asa how hopeless he feels. He tells her that he used to eat toilet paper as a kid when he was hungry. However, once he stopped going to the toilet hungry, he stopped eating the paper. Confused by his statement, Asa asks him to explain himself properly.

A seemingly hopeless Denji tells her that he could never go back to how things used to be. A few moments later, Asa reassures him that he can go back to his previous life and that she will save him no matter the situation.

After listening to their conversation, Katana Man chimes in by calling Chainsaw Man a “Chainsaw Woman” for whining. Asa takes offense to Katana Man’s comment and asks him to cut Denji some slack for being hungry and missing Nayuta. Besides, she throws away the cigarette that Katana Man had been smoking on the train. Towards the end of the chapter, Katana Man humorously suggests skipping a sushi restaurant and taking Denji to a brothel. He justifies his statement by commenting that it will cheer Denji up.

According to the MANGA Plus service website, the next chapter will be released on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

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