Bulan: April 2022

Marvel News – Mobius Director Reveals Details Of Michael Keaton’s Vulture Deleted Scene

After many delays, Mobius, Sony’s latest addition to the Spider-Man universe, is finally out. Whether fans want it is another question.While audiences had issues with the film’s plot and quality, much of the protest stemmed from the film’s misleading publicity campaign and its use of Michael Keaton’s vultures Spider-Man: Homecoming. The following venom and Venom: […]

Marvel News – How Mobius’ end credits hurt the MCU

After an almost laughable delay, Sony Pictures’ Mobius finally released worldwide. The film sees Jared Leto’s titular character accidentally turning into a vampire after trying to cure him of a rare blood disease.This is the next installment in Sony’s Spider-Man character universe, following their previous entry Venom: There’s Carnage. But did Sony succeed in launching […]