Bulan: April 2022

DCU News – Batman 2 Officially Announced: Here’s Who’s Back

Warner Bros. takes a slight diversion from the DC Extended Universe, launches a round of superhero movies with Matt Reeves in 2022 Batmanwith great success. Robert Pattinson becomes third actor after Bruce Wayne He leads another beloved DC adventure in the 21st century after Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. Batman Received rave reviews online and […]

DCU News – Warner Bros considers dropping plans to release Batgirl on HBO Max

Batgirl can still go to the cinema According to from puckWarner Bros. Discovery is considering dropping plans for Leslie Grace’s HBO Max-exclusive release batgirl In favor of theatrical performances. Warner Bros. is now reportedly in talks to invest more money batgirl Increase post-production budget and marketing spending for theatrical release.The news came a few weeks […]

DCU News – Gal Gadot shares promising Wonder Woman 3 update

The DC Extended Universe’s future as a cohesive world remains uncertain after Warner Bros. and Discovery merged, but the security of its individual franchises remains intact.Proven blockbusters such as Neptune, Shazam!and wonder woman All have given the green light for their sequels, the last of which is already on its way to a full trilogy.Despite […]