Bulan: Maret 2022

Marvel News – MCU: 6 Marvel Characters Who Need the R-Rated Treatment on Disney+

Disney recently acquired the streaming rights to all the Marvel shows that were produced by Netflix, including Daredevil, The¬†Punisher, and The Defenders. All these projects were much more mature than the typical MCU flick, so Disney+ introduced new TV-MA restrictions that can allow Marvel to continue to stream mature content on the streaming service without […]

Marvel News – Morbius director reveals end-credits scene spoilers and details

Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man character universe has long been a divisive topic among fans. Many feel that the studio has been mishandling its characters, and they’d better be better off with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU. However, Sony doesn’t think so.they have published venom and Venom: There’s Carnagea third entry coming soon: Jared Leto’s Mobius. […]