Bulan: Maret 2022

Marvel News – Doctor Strange 2 promotional poster reveals new look for Scarlet Witch and team

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Benedict Cumberbatch’s veritable wizard is at the center, and it will bring the concept of alternate reality to the forefront. In addition to Strange, the upcoming MCU sequel will have new and returning allies such as Benedict Wong’s Wong, Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez, and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch. […]

Marvel News – Spider-Man movie viewing order: Sony announces update’s run-time totals

Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go Having migrated to digital media, the discussion about the biggest movies of 2021 is still raging. Tom Holland’s third gig as Peter Parker shined at this year’s Oscars, earning a Best Visual Effects nomination and accolades from #OscarsCheerMoment and #OscarsFanFavorite fan votes. The future of Holland, and that of Spider-Man Andrew […]

DCU News – Sharon Stone joins the DC Cinematic Universe

Over the past four years, Hollywood star Sharon Stone has built an impressive career on the big screen with more than 100 names to date.Nominated for an Academy Award and a 1996 Golden Globe for Best Actress casinoamong other accolades, Stone went on to find himself in high-profile roles alongside industry luminaries. Among these top […]

DCU News – WATCH: Robert Pattinson briefly hits new Batman training video

Many believe that Robert Pattinson is Batman, the actors are heavily present in incredible action sequences throughout the film’s long run. Ahead of Pattinson’s impactful debut, the veteran actor’s preparations for the role of Gotham City’s protector were well documented, from contracting COVID-19 during production to eye makeup-centric The story that earned him the audition. […]